Our Creative Leasing Solutions
Get You the Equipment You Need.

Get the Equipment You Need
Without Tying Up Cash Flow.

Need New Equipment
But Your Bank Won’t Help?

Creative Leasing and Financing Solutions with Tetra Corporate Services

From medical and office equipment leasing to agricultural and environmental equipment financing and more, Tetra’s experienced team and creative leasing solutions can help you get the equipment you need with terms that work for you, whether for upgrades, tax benefits, limited budgets, cash flow and more.

Equipment Leasing with Tetra can get you the new or used equipment you need and offers you:

  •   A monthly payment that fits within your budget.
  •   The ability to upgrade your equipment and remain ahead of the technology curve.
  •   Increased purchasing power.
  •   Flexible payment options.
  •   Support from beginning to end from a full service equipment leasing company.
  •   Shorter than average processing times because our decision makers are on site.

Founded in 1986, Tetra is a small business specializing in thinking outside the box and finding ways to get the deal done. Tetra makes it easy for you to get the equipment you need, keep it up to date and stay within your budget. So the only thing you have to worry about is making money.

Our equipment finance services include:

  •   Capital Lease/Finance Lease
  •   Documentation
  •   Equipment Upgrades
  •   Invoice Factoring
  •   Master Lease
  •   Operating Lease/True Lease
  •   Progress Funding
  •   Sale-Leaseback

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