Broker Relations

coins and stock chartsThe team at Tetra has repeatedly helped equipment finance brokers grow their business through partnerships that offer creative, comprehensive and flexible leasing solutions. We have over 110 years of experience, helping a range of companies from independently owned to Fortune 500 companies, in all aspects of equipment leasing.

Tetra’s experienced staff will be with you every step of the transaction to show you just how easy our process is. Tetra strives to provide quick approval and services for your clients—developing great relationships that result in repeat business for you. With flexible payment options, flexible funding, and preapproved lease lines, it gives you the opportunity to provide your clients with a solid set of financing options. We will help your customers make the correct financing decisions. Customers will focus on short-term expenses versus short-term profit.

Find out how equipment finance brokers have grown their businesses when they partner with Tetra. Call us at (800) 417-0548 or complete our broker application today!