Church Equipment Leasing

Church Pews with Stained Glass Beyond PulpitTetra understands that often funds and other resources may be limited. We know the importance of making sure the best possible materials are available to you. Tetra has experience in helping churches with various equipment needs, such as lighting, audio visual, computer systems, pianos, organs, seating, portable classrooms, and other multimedia supplies.

There are a variety of leasing and financing options available, and with Tetra’s expertise we can help you to procure the equipment required to make your life easier and allow you to serve the needs of your community with the best equipment available.

Tetra has the experience and knowledge to create a lease that will help you to achieve your goals and acquire the equipment you need with our creative leasing options.

Contact Tetra today at (800) 417-0548, and you can soon be on your way to leasing the church equipment you need to make your business run more efficiently, so you can focus on the more important things: making money and growing your business.

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