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bills, calculator and penStructured finance is a term that usually refers to financing a lease for which there are many creative options available. The company being financed historically has a strong operating cash flow that works to support the repayment of the lease. Tetra’s creative financing services allow us to develop the ideal structured financing option for your individual requirements, so all your business needs are met at a price you can afford. Tetra will work with you to create a distinctive lease program that fits within your budget and perfectly suits your needs.

Structured financing is flexible, it is an excellent choice for almost any business in need of equipment lease financing. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a middle-market company, Tetra can tailor a structured financing lease just for you, so you can get exactly what you want for your business.

As a leader in creative financing and leasing solutions, Tetra is uniquely able to find the correct equipment lease financing solution for you, since we have access to funds no other company has. We also offer a simple quick-response application, you’ll know about your lease terms as soon as possible. Since 1986, Tetra has been fully invested in providing our clients with the solutions for their needs, this includes helping our customers get the best possible financing for their business needs.

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