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Lease vs Buy ConceptWhether for upgrades, tax benefits, limited budgets, or other practical reasons, many companies of all types and sizes are turning to equipment leasing for their equipment needs. From educational institutions to non-profit organizations, from Fortune 500 companies to middle-market companies, businesses are looking to leasing to help with their equipment needs.

Tetra offers a vast range of equipment leases for all types of businesses, including agricultural and farm, computers and telecommunications, medical and health care, office, church and non-profit, educational, environmental, and pharmaceutical. And because we offer a wide variety of equipment financing options and creative leasing solutions, Tetra is able to secure financing and create a customized equipment lease plan that works perfectly for almost any organization.

Often, equipment can become obsolete very quickly, and it’s important to your business to keep up with the latest equipment available and avoid technological obsolescence. Lower costs, tax benefits, and ease of equipment upgrades, among other advantages is why equipment leasing is integral in meeting the financial needs of many businesses.

We have the flexibility and resources to help you fulfill your equipment leasing requirements, large or small, no matter where you are. Transactions typically range from $100,000 to over $6 million, and we can work with companies with less than perfect credit.

Contact Tetra today at (800) 417-0548, and you can soon be on your way to leasing the equipment you need to make your business run more efficiently, so you can focus on the more important things: making money and growing your business.

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