Security Equipment Leasing

Security CCTV camera for office buildingIn today’s world, security is an important part of business ownership. Building security such as cameras and recording systems and keyless entry door security; office security, including fireproof filing cabinets and safes; and computer data security such as backup and recovery and secure access have become standard equipment for many businesses.

Leasing security equipment is a smart choice for a number of reasons. Flexible lease options allow you to return the equipment when your lease is up, purchase the equipment, and/or extend the lease. Tetra has years of experience in security equipment leasing, so we are able to get you the lease that best suits your needs, and your budget.

At Tetra, we offer excellent rates, creative lease options and a simple application process to help you get the equipment you need, fast.

Contact Tetra today at (800) 417-0548, and you can soon be on your way to leasing the equipment you need. Whether your business is safety and security or you’re simply looking for a security system for your business, Tetra will help you secure your optimal lease, so you can get the equipment you need.

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