What Is Progress Funding?

businessman working with documents sign up contractTetra understands that not all industries provide next-day delivery and/or installation of equipment. We also understand the cash-flow crisis you may experience if you have to provide a cash-advanced payment to obtain the equipment, only to wait until the leasing process is complete before funding is received. Tetra provides a service to solve this problem, and allows you to progress fund until your lease is finalized and the delivery and acceptance of all your equipment has been made.

Progress funding is a term that typically refers to a lease that requires periodic disbursements to vendors for a percentage of the equipment or work completed. Tetra’s creative financing services allow us to develop the ideal equipment financing option for your company’s needs, so all your business requirements are met at a price you can easily afford. With progress funding, your lease can be secured up front, but the funds won’t be dispersed until you need them.

Tetra is fully invested in providing our clients with the right solutions for their needs since 1986, and this includes helping our customers get the best possible financing for their businesses. As a leader in equipment financing and leasing solutions, Tetra is uniquely able to help you set up a progress funded lease that will work for you and your company. We will work with you to create a distinctive lease program that fits within your budget and your needs. We also offer a simple quick-response application, so you’ll know about your lease terms as soon as possible.

Find out how Tetra’s creative leasing solutions can help you get the equipment you need with progress funding. Call us at (800) 417-0548 or get a quote today!

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